Battery Powered Outdoor & Marquee Tent Lighting

When used correctly, Battery Powered LED Lighting can enhance any building, tree, setting or object outdoors. Excellent placed outdoor lighting will allow you to showcase important elements, as it is able to draw the attention to specific objects or activities. Whenever lights are being used outdoors a lot of factors come in play, that we as CORE Lighting can help you with. During the last 10 years we have gathered experience in numerous outdoor settings to help you answer all your questions regarding battery powered outdoor lighting. Have a look below to see the the capability of our wireless CORE products.  Subcategories of outdoor lighting are listed below, they include: outdoor tree lighting, venue lighting, marquee tent lighting and garden lighting. Are you Looking to light something other than the listed subcategories? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Outdoor Tree Lighting

Lighting trees can be difficult as mains power is mostly not available in an outdoor area. In addition, getting wires to outdoor locations be especially difficult. That is why Battery Powered Lighting may be the answer for lighting trees. As all of our products are IP65 rated,  robust and easy to set up, they are perfect to light up trees. Lighting up large trees with our vivid lighting is no problem at all.

Outdoor Venue Lighting

Lighting a venue can be quite the task. The venue itself has to look inviting from the outside while maintaining safety around the venue. This is the reason a lot of venues choose battery powered lighting over regular lighting, as no wiring is going to be laying loose. All of our uplighters are easy to setup, outdoor rated and can be controlled manually, via bluetooth or DMX. In addition, the uplighters are able to receive commands as a ‘slave’ from another unit that is set as a ‘master’. Because of this you can easily control multiple units by simply adjusting the master. 

Outdoor & Marquee Tent Lighting

Getting the correct lighting inside a marquee tent can be quite the task. Our Uplighters can easily be placed strategically to make sure they don’t stand in the way. As our products are battery powered, there are also no cables going to be laying loose around the marquee. In addition, the uplighters last for a minimum of 8 hours and are weatherproof. Whenever basic colours are used on our uplighters or the brightness is reduced, the uplighters can last up to 16 hours. 

Outdoor Garden Lighting

Getting mains power to a garden can be quite difficult, especially when lighting is presented inside objects or furniture. Our Battery Powered TablePoints & Festoon Lights are both IP65 rated (weatherproof) and are easy to install. In addition, the TablePoint can be controlled through an app on the phone, can change colours and can be placed inside furniture. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of the capacity of our CORE TablePoint in an outdoor setting. 

Our Products

Our products can create both atmospheric and practical LED lighting for any occasion. For both indoors and outdoors.

They vary from coloured table lighting to lighting that can illuminate large trees. Next to that, our product range is equipped with practical floodlighting for lighting large outdoor or indoor areas. All of our products are wireless, battery powered and weather-rated. Wireless usage is also no problem by using Bluetooth or Wireless DMX.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of our case studies to see the capability of some of our products. 

Featured products

 All of the products mentioned below are IP65 rated, which makes them weatherproof. Next to that, all products are easy to set up and can be used for various occasions. The ColourPoint, ColourPoint Mini & TablePoint can also be controlled via a mobile app. Click on each product to find out more about it.


The ColourPoint has 4 RGBW LED's in it. As the ColourPoint has an output of 2.000 lumen, it is ideal to light up higher trees, buildings & marquees outdoors.

Tablepoint with shadow


The TablePoint (table lamp) can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed inside lamps, on a surface or even inside objects.

ColourPoint Mini

The ColourPoint Mini can light up to 3 storeys using 2 RGBW LED's. It is the younger brother of the ColourPoint with no compromises in quality, design or user-friendliness.

Battery Powered Art & Exhibition Lighting - Festoon Lights - Core Lighting

Festoon Lights

Multiple Festoon Lights can be attached to one of our battery packs to create atmospheric lighting. These Festoon Lights are perfect to hang in trees, marquees or your garden.


The FloodLight is ideal for lighting up large outdoor areas. It is very convenient as it doesn't need a generator or a long extension cord. Multiple acceessoires are also available, such as a tripod.


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