EnergyPoint Rechargeable Power Pack

If you are looking to light up a buffet table with no cables, or illuminate an exhibition stand but have no power or no desire to purchase power.

This unit is a large power source capable of running individual LED lamp products for several days, or up to 4 LED lamps for a day.

Running using a 12V compatible system but powered by a high-technology, high-density lithium pack, the unit provides power to most devices and lamps up to around 50W per product where the products themselves are rated at 12VDC.

The system is provided in a dual flight case with two sleek battery pack units which blend into the décor due to their stainless steel shrouds. The mechanics are in fact designed to have the same appearance as the ColourPoint uplighter unit. The case doubles as a charging solution whereby the power packs can be recharged inside the case ready for the next deployment/overnight for a full charge.

Neither the lamp nor the LED driver are provided with the product. The user can source these separately.