Spotlight: PinPoint Battery Powered LED Wireless Spot Light

The Battery powered wireless spotlight

PinPoint wireless magnetic Pin Spot has a very narrow, bright 4 to 45 degree zoomable beam spread that can pinpoint any object, such as a floral centerpiece, painting, or sculpture, by drawing intricate attention to it. The IP65 rating allows the PinPoint to be used both indoors or outdoors – regardless of the weather.

The very bright 300 lumen white beam is easily positioned within the flexible neck of the fixture, and the base of the fixture utilizes a very strong rare earth magnet to enable it to stick to any ferrous metal object. Alternatively, it can be mounted with a clamp.

The warm 3,000° K output will operate for up to 12 hours at full output, and days on minimum. The fixtures are easily recharged in the 10 unit charging flight case.


Control of the PinPoint is easily accomplished via a Bluetooth app from your Android device (Apple will follow shortly), or from a local intensity switch on the body of the fixture.

Features & Benefits

  • Attaches with strong rare-earth magnet onto steel object or plate, or alternatively using screw fixing onto a clamp
  • Easy head focus adjustment with flexible gooseneck
  • Warm white LED technology for warm atmosphere and excellent colour rendition (neutral white available by special order).
  • 12hr run time on full output. Charge from mains supply in a 10-way charging case.
  • May be run from AC power supply as a separate optional item.

The units may be individually controlled in intensity from the On/Off switch or wirelessly controlled from a lighting console with added Wireless DMX transmitter.

A Bluetooth control App is now available for Android and Apple iOS devices which creates a simple lighting desk on-screen.

How the PinPoint Wireless Magnetic Pin Spot can be used:

  • As an individual unit with local intensity control.
  • As a remote intensity control via your smartphone.


  • Feed AC power via an external power supply/charger.
  • 10 unit charging cases.

*Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK*

Available as PinPoint Set:

The set includes: 10 X LED PinPoints and a 10-way charging flight case.