Striplight: StripPoint Battery Powered LED Wireless Strip Light

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StripPoint-Wireless-LED-1m-Strip-3The StripPoint Wireless LED 1 m Strip is a lighting fixture with 18 RGBW LED emitters, providing a very bright 4,000 lumen output.

The 18 LEDs can be independently controlled by 72 channels for pixel mapping and can produce vivid chases for eye-catching effects. This linear fixture will make perfectly smooth wall washes and a mixture of ColourPoint uplighters for accent lighting and StripPoint for wall washers will easily fill a room with colour, while using no power or data cables.

The StripPoint is also IP65 rated for outdoor use in all weather conditions. The high tech, long life lithium ion battery will provide eight hours of continuous use in a rolling fade, and recharging is easy in the four way flight case.

The StripPoint weighs only 14.3 lbs (6.5kg) and is easy for anyone to carry and set up.


Designed and manufactured in the UK to complement CORE’s established range of battery up-lighters.

  • 1 metre long colour LED Batten.
  • Latest quad-chip RGBW LED technology with excellent colour-mixing, deep amber and a massive 4000 lumen output.
  • DMX pixel-mapping on 72 channels of RGBW colour over 18 cells enabling complex effects on the unit.
  • Runs for 8hrs on colour-cycle or two mixed colours such as example photos.
  • Built-in effects, internal fixed Lee filter colours or create custom colours.
  • Charge from mains supply in a 4-way flight case or stand-alone AC supply cable.
  • Alternatively run from internal AC power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
  • Control from cabled DMX or wireless DMX (Wireless Solutions W-DMX).
  • Constant LED spacing when multiple units are placed end-to-end.
  • Wireless DMX selectable Master or Slave to run with other StripPoint units or CORE ColourPoint, Point15/20/30 without the need for a lighting desk on site.
  • Variable PWM frequency for TV work.
  • Feet can be used as hanging brackets with various mounting options

How the StripPoint Wireless LED Strip can be used:

  • As an individual stand-alone unit, with one unit acting as a master and the others as slaves.
  • As a unit controlled via Wireless DMX.
  • As a unit set to receive instructions from an external DMX lighting desk. Units may also be connected via 5 Pin XLR in/out connections and run from AC Power.
  • As a unit set with a solid colour of your choice, create a rolling fade between colours at the speed of your choice or create pixel chasing effects from the built-in routines.


  • Four unit charging cases.
  • LED Diffuser lens.

Available as:

The set includes: 4 X Strip-Points and a 4-way charging flight case.



For the home / domestic version please click here for pricing / purchasing.

For professional & industrial versions please contact us.