Enhancing Your Wedding Event or Theatre Function using Battery Lighting

Bloomsbury PresRentals Sept 2013Thanks to the marvels of cable television, everyone has seen at least one over-the-top wedding reality show with a budget that makes your combined mortgage and car loans look like pocket change. The most common theme of these high-roller galas is the use of artistically placed and engineer-designed lighting to create a unique and engaging atmosphere. Previously reserved only for the elite, theatrical lighting can now be achieved with nearly any budget.

Create an inviting atmosphere

Properly selected and strategically placed lighting can help designers create a memorable atmosphere. Lights can make or break an event. Furthermore, lighting can be used to enhance and showcase nearly anything, from flora displays, to desserts, and even the dance floor. Battery lighting for events transforms a regular and drab function into the gala of the year, creating a polished look that leaves guests wondering if you spent thousands of dollars.

Achieve elegance and drama without breaking the bank

Simple, yet elegant, lighting can be extremely cost effective. If you find yourself taxed with the responsibility of planning an evening event, remember to visit the amenities at least once after the sun has gone down. Take time to carefully scan the room and take notice of the location of fixed lighting. Lights that are affixed to, or illuminate, the walls, windows and ceiling can quickly draw the audience’s attention away from the centre of the room. You will want to keep your guests engaged and make it easy for them to focus on your table placements, dance floor layout and, of course, the other guests and main speakers!

Battery lighting means less energy consumption

You will need to take into consideration how much electricity your will have available. Working with battery lighting removes the need for extra power access. The band, DJ or other entertainers might need access to isolated power sources and won’t want to run the risk of tripping over power cords that are scattered about on the floor.

Talk like the pros

In order to make your event vision a reality, you will need to know exactly what to ask for. In the event lighting world, there are a few key phrases that you may want to use when explaining your lighting concept.

Pin Lighting: A pin light, or pin spot light is a lighting fixture that can be used to create a focused beam of light to highlight or intensify an object like a centrepiece, piece of art, sculpture, podium or stage.

Colour Wash:
A colour wash creates a blanket effect of coloured lighting over an entire area, such as a stage or dance floor. This effect is commonly created using uplights.

The term uplighting refers to lighting fixtures that are arranged on the floor so that they shoot rays of light upwards across a wall or ceiling. An arrangement of several lighting fixtures can be used to accomplish a customised effect. This process is often used during awards ceremonies, to show off venue exteriors, along event walkways, etc.

Gobo Lights:
Gobo lights are more for the creative types. These spotlights make use of metallic stencils placed over the bulb casing to shine monograms, emblems, shapes and logos across walls and ceilings. This lighting technique is particularly beneficial to businesses wanting to use their corporate logos as event décor or for couples wanting to shine their initials or monograms during their wedding ceremonies.