How to Use Lighting for your Events

Black Light Wedding Lighting Photo Apr 16When used correctly, lighting can enhance your entire event, creating a memorable and lasting experience. When using lighting techniques, however, it is best to air on the side of caution. If the lights are overly bright, the event will feel cold and institutional. On the other hand, if the lights are overly dim, it might make it difficult for guests to recognise key décor or design details. Strategically placed lighting can make or break your event. Excellent lighting will allow you to showcase important elements, such as flowers or décor. It is also possible to use lighting to draw your guests’ attention to activities occurring within the event.

Using Battery Uplights at Your Event

Battery uplights are excellent for creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere at your function. These lights make rooms appear warm and engaging and are of particular benefit when used in locations like ballrooms, galleries or conference centres which can appear to be cold and bleak in the absence of colour and lighting. Given that these types of venues typically lack character in a blank state, it is necessary to create an ambiance by utilising lighting and warm colour schemes.

Create Drama with Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting adds drama and pizzazz to a room by creating eye catching visual effects. This type of light makes use of light rays and stencils to create patterns and pictures. Gobo lighting can create any design or pattern, including customised, abstract shapes, patterns, photos and even company logos. You can project these prints on to walls, ceilings, floors etc.

Design a Light Show

Light shows have been proven to really grab guests’ attention. Many light shows combine multiple lighting techniques and specific movements designed by a lighting engineer to create a customised show that can be tailored to movement, music, presentations, etc.
Lighting shows are often seen at corporate functions, awards ceremonies, concerts, speeches, beach parties and other events to draw in the crowd and create excitement prior to the commencement of the main attraction.

Pin Lighting to Create Highlights and Focus

Pin lighting is one of the most effective ways to draw the focus of the crowd to a particular design piece or element of your function. The use of a magnetic spotlight not only creates a dramatic effect, it also instantly transforms centrepieces, special décor, professionally design centrepieces and other design elements into marvellous works of art. Pin lighting and other spotlights are used to not only add a sense of drama and flair to an event, they can also be used to easily and creatively separate dark coloured linens and centrepieces; a technique often used when event designers really want their décor to stand out. The use of pin lighting will make your event dramatic, memorable and visually appealing.

Transform your event with Lighting

Whether you prefer a few carefully placed downlights, a selection of coloured up lights or a fully function, awe-inspiring light show. One thing is certain – lighting has the potential to quickly, easily and effectively transform your event from drab to fab. When considering your lighting choices, try to resist the urge to go too over the top. Consider the theme of your event, the location and also your décor.
Does the lighting match? Does it make the room look too cold or too bright? Should you make use of a few coloured beams? What about motion or custom logo displays? The options are limitless.