Create a Memorable Corporate Event with Battery Powered LED Lighting

The key to planning a successful event is organisation and paying attention to the details. At the top of most event planners To-Do list is event lighting. Not only does lighting set the mood for the entire function, it also creates that “WOW FACTOR” that really grabs guests’ attention as they make their entrance to the venue.Core Chelt Town Hall Finished-3

Effective lighting can be used to design atmosphere and allure, but it can also be used for practical reasons as well. It is up to the event designers and planners to find a happy balance between the two. There are a few key areas that should be touched upon when planning lighting design for a special corporate function or event. They are:

– The feature of an important corporate sponsor
– The creation of overall venue ambiance
– The development of a lasting and enjoyable guest experience

Gobo Lights and Battery Powered LED Lighting for Visual Effects

Displaying the name of a prominent corporate client with the help of a customised gobo light and battery powered projector is one of the most professional ways to call attention to an important sponsor or brand. Gobo lights make use of metallic stencils customised with company logos, graphics, wording, etc. The stencil will be placed on front of a spotlight or projector and will project the image on a wall, ceiling or special backdrop. Depending on what equipment you have available to you, you can also coloured filters, additional images or even timed lighting.

Mini Lights add Style, Glamour and Elegance

A few carefully placed strings of mini lights add sparkle and glamour to static elements. This could be as simplistic as wrapping a few lights around the branches of trees or as complex as creating a cascading tented effect by allowing lights to drape from the ceiling at various points, or using pin spot lights on the branch of a tree to light a mirrorball rotating in the breeze.

You will want to extend and highlight your event theme by creating multiple units and strategically placing them around the perimeter of the venue to create a dramatic finished look. Look at the venue and try to see the ‘big picture.’ What other elements or areas could you highlight to draw guests’ attention to a unique feature or specific area?

Battery Operated Table Lighting Sparks Conversation

If properly used, battery operated table lights create the ideal mood for party goers to not only enjoy their meals, but also creates a welcoming atmosphere for conversation with other guests. Battery operated LED lights add to the ambiance of the room, but are not necessary great for illuminating meals. Many venues can offer dimmable table spotlights that can be used for this purpose. These spotlights can be table mounted or may be ceiling mounted as battery powered pinspot lights which can be controlled from the ground wirelessly. It might be wise to confirm who has control over table lights, very few guests will want to eat their meal in the dark.

Spotlights create an attention grabbing experience

If your function will feature speeches, awards presentations or any other stage-worthy presentation, it might be wise to consider moveable spotlights or downlights that not only draw the audience to the presenter, but also help to create a visual separation between the floor or dining area and the stage.

This is also another opportunity to make use of Gobo lights or coloured lighting to create a visually impressive and audience engaging experience that will leave a memorable impression.
Event lighting can be used in many different ways, always consider the logistics of your venue and the overall atmosphere that you are trying to create.