How to get the most out of your garden lighting

Summer is fast approaching, which means longer days and warmer evenings, allowing you to enjoy those outdoors spaces at home more. As the weather warms up, you’re able to spend more time in your garden hosting garden parties, barbeques, and social gatherings, or just sitting and relaxing, enjoying the weather and your garden.

While the days are longer and the evenings remain lighter throughout the Summer, the longest day of the year actually falls in June. That means that throughout the remainder of June, July, and August, the days begin to grow shorter with sunset getting earlier and earlier. But, because these are usually the hottest months of the year, you’ll likely still want to be able to enjoy some time in the garden once the sun starts to set.

And how can you get the most out of your garden or outdoor spaces once the sun goes down?

Good outdoor lighting, of course!

A fire pit, chimenea, or patio fire or heater will provide some light, but to truly enjoy your outdoor space you’ll want to ensure all, or at least the areas you want to use, are sufficiently illuminated. The type of lighting you’ll need will largely depend on the size of the outdoor space you want lit, the type of ambience or environment you want to create, and personal preference, of course.

You could string festoon lights around your pergola to provide a festival vibe, use table lamps to light up a dining area, or create a particular atmosphere by using colourful uplighting to highlight a large tree or architectural structure.

What type of outdoor lighting should you choose

There are numerous options you can choose from, which can make it difficult to choose what type of lighting would be best for your garden or outdoor space. Mostly, it will come down to personal preference – do you want functional lighting, colourful and atmospheric lighting, or feature lighting to wow visitors? Do you want to light up a large area? Do you want to focus on a particular part of your garden, like your seating area, patio, or pergola? Do you want bright lights so you can see everything clearly after sunset? Or do you want more subtle lighting to create a comfortable, cosy, or romantic atmosphere?

All of this will, of course, be personal preference and there’s no reason why you can’t choose more than one option!

You will also need to consider how your lighting solutions will be powered. Does your garden have a dedicated power supply? Or would you need to run an extension cable to your home through a window or door or have electrics installed by a professional?

At CORE Lighting, our outdoor lighting solutions are all wireless, battery powered lamps so there is no need for any power supply except when charging, and they are all IP65 weatherproof rated with a battery life ranging from 8-20 hours on a full charge – plenty of time between charges to keep the party going long into the night.

What outdoor lighting options are there? And what can they do?

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are a form of string lights and are a great way to add style to your outdoor space, create a cosy atmosphere, or create that festival feeling for garden parties or social occasions.

Festoon lights can be strung along fences, hung from pergolas, wrapped around railings, weaved amongst branches, or even surrounding an arch to guide the way and create an inviting effect. They’re also great for task lighting when you need it, too!

Our Festoon Lights come in 5m strings of 10 lights and multiple strings can be connected together to create lengths of up to 40m, providing ample lighting for almost any outdoor space. Since they are battery powered and rated IP65 weatherproof, they can be placed pretty much anywhere you need them – when using a 52Ah EnergyPoint battery pack, 4 strings of festoon lights will last up to 20 hours!

TablePoint Table Lamp

Table lights are great for al fresco dining in the garden, on the patio, veranda, or in any other outdoor area on your property.

Outdoor table lamps aren’t just for table lighting and dining areas either. Battery powered table lamps can be used to create atmospheric lighting around the garden or patio areas or placed at intervals for great guidance lighting, lighting up pathways or showing the way for guests.

Our TablePoint wireless LED table lamp is not only battery powered, with multiple colour options – including warm white, and rated IP65 weatherproof, but they’re also magnetic, meaning that you can attach them to most ferrous metal surfaces, further expanding your outdoor lighting capabilities and options. They also come with a 3-way adaptor that allows you to install the lamp in place of a conventional bulb in any light with a bayonet cap (E27), small Edison screw (E14), or Edison screw (B22) fitting allowing you to convert almost any light into a battery powered lighting solution that you can place almost anywhere!

Place a TablePoint light within a translucent piece of furniture on a colour setting of your choice and you’ve really upped your outdoor lighting game, creating an incredible coloured lighting effect that will wow guests and elevate your outdoor ambience. Or even just place them at intervals on the ground to create a well-lit pathway!

Light up your natural or architectural external features using the ColourPoint and ColourPoint Mini uplights

Transform your garden or outdoor space into an atmospheric masterpiece with well-placed uplighting that will emphasise any distinguishing features, such as trees, specific architecture, outbuildings such as summer houses, statues and large ornaments, or any other large features.

Hosting a wedding on your property? Uplighting can really transform your space to add an element of class and sophistication or even magic!

If you own a large house, period property, or stately home, with unique or attractive architecture that you’d love to show off, a few ColourPoint Mini’s placed at the right spot can really bring attention to specific features, making your property look even more majestic. Got a very large home? The ColourPoint Mini’s big brother, the ColourPoint, can light up five storey buildings!

With the huge range of colour options available with the ColourPoint and ColourPoint Mini, and especially if buying multiple units, you can create an almost limitless array of lighting ambience or environments.


Light your whole garden with a Core Floodlight!

Maybe you don’t need subtle, atmospheric, or colourful lighting. Maybe you just want everything to be visible at night?

Well, you can’t go far wrong with the Core Floodlight.

Throwing out a whopping 16,000 lumens, you get the same amount of light as a 1.5kW halogen lamp, giving you large areas of general illumination.

The Core Floodlight can easily light up horse paddocks, stables, large gardens, tennis courts, or even provide great working light conditions for when any work needs to be carried out externally on your property.

However you are considering lighting your outdoor space or garden, considering a wireless, battery powered, weatherproof solution can create far more possibilities than the more conventional mains powered solutions.

If you have a considerably large space that you need lit and would like to discuss the best (and possibly most creative) way to do so, get in touch.