Best Battery Powered Wireless Spotlights

Hundreds of our customers are delighted with the results they have achieved from using Core Lightbattery-powered-spotlight-spot-light-PinPoint-Wireless-Magnetic-Pin-Spoting’s PinPoint wireless magnetic Pin Spot, and we have been told that they are the best battery powered wireless spotlights on numerous occasions!

  • The market leading battery powered wireless spotlights has an extremely narrow, bright 4.5 degree beam spread that can pinpoint any object, such as a painting, floral centerpiece.
  • The IP65 rating allows this battery powered spotlight inside or outside – regardless of the weather.
  • 12hr run time on full output. Charge from mains supply in a 10-way charging case.
  • Available as Battery Powered Wireless Spotlight Set: The set includes: 10 X LED Battery Powered Wireless Spotlights and a 10-way charging flight case.

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