Battery powered Hospitality Lighting for hotels & Restaurants

Lighting in a hotel or restaurant can make a substantial difference to the design and atmosphere. Our colourful battery powered LED lighting is ideal for the hospitality industry. It is able to provide wireless lighting both indoors and outdoors as our products are weatherproof (IP65). In addition, they are robust, easy to setup and easy to use which makes them ideal for hotels & restaurants. Whether wireless LED lights are needed inside or outside, we are able to provide innovative products, such as; Table Lamps, Uplighters and StripPoints.  All of them are able to provide sufficient lighting for any occasion. Our products can be placed in various areas, such as: reception areas, dining areas, hotel lobbies, rooms, stairwells, gardens,  pathways, pool areas and collective areas. Have a look below to see relevant products, pictures and videos for potential usage of battery powered lighting in the hospitality industry. 


Outdoor lighting

A beautiful experience was created for visitors by using our ColourPoint Mini’s (Uplighters). These Uplighters can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are equipped with IP65. 

Have a look at our study case of architecural lighting to see the capacity of our Uplighters outdoors.

Outdoor Hospitality lighting for Hotel & restaurant
Battery Powered Hospitality dining lighting for hotels & restaurants

Dining lighting for Hotels & Restaurants

By using ColourPoint Mini’s an ambience was created for visitors of the Sky Garden Hotel in London. The magenta setting was used to create warm lighting while guests were dining. As the lifetime of our batteries last for a minimum of 8 hours, it was not a problem to keep the entire dining space illuminated during the entirety event.

Have a look at the ColourPoint Mini brochure to find out more about the specifications, features and available accessories. 

Outside path TablePoint

A path was created by using multiple TablePoints on the bright white setting. As the TablePoint is magnetic, a magnetic tent peg was attached under the TablePoint so that they could be placed in the ground.
In addition, the TablePoint (Table Lamp) is multifunctional and weatherproof (IP65), so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Have a look at the brochure of our TablePoint for in-depth specifications, accessories and more.

Wedding Lighting - Battery Powered Table Lights creating pathway + Battery Festoon Lights
Wireless LED StripPoint. ideal for hotels & restaurants, usable both indoors and outdoors.

Lighting outside

Our StripPoint was used to make the building more prominent by using the magenta colour setting. The StripPoint was even able to create astonishing effects as the 18 RGBW LED’s can be controlled independently. 

Want to find out more about the capability of the StripPoint? Take a look at the brochure.

Featured products

 All of the products below have a 8 hour minimum lifetime when using the highest brightness and mixing multiple colours. However, when using basic colours or lowering the brightness the lifetime expands up to 16 hours. Next to that, all of the products mentioned below are  battery powered, equipped with IP65 and can be controlled via Wireless DMX or by using our Lightdesk app (Wireless DMX is not available for the TablePoint).  



The ColourPoint has 4 RGBW LED's in it. As the ColourPoint has an output of 2.000 lumen, it is ideal to light up higher building both indoors and outdoors. A colourpoint will light up to 5-storeys.

Tablepoint with shadow


The TablePoint (table lamp) is ideal for hotels & restaurants. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. As we have various accesoires available the TablePoint can be used

ColourPoint Mini

The ColourPoint Mini can light up to 3 storeys using 2 RGBW LED's. It is the younger brother of the ColourPoint with no compromises in quality, design or user-friendliness.


The Wireless LED 1M StripPoint has 18 RGBW LED emitters, which have an output of 4.000 lumen. Every LED can be controlled independently via DMX, to create astonishing effects.

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