Battery Powered Clampspot

EnergyPoint - Rechargeable battery pack
Battery Powered Exhibition Lighting - Clampspot - Core Lighting

The Battery Powered Clampspots have a cable in the backside that can fit in our EnergPoint battery pack, which can attach up to 4 Clampspots at once. When using 4 Clampspots simultaneously in combination with the 52 Ah EnergyPoint, the battery will last for up to 24 hours. This makes it ideal to illuminate your exhibition stand. 

Convenience & Save costs

If power is not nearby or is expensive to aquire in locations, such as: shoppings centres, exhibitions, market stalls and marquee tents, the EnergyPoint battery pack in combination with the Clampspots can be the ideal solution.

Portable and Lightweight

As the EnergyPoint battery pack weighs around 2-3kg and the Stemspots are easy to transport they are very portable.

4 Clampspots will last up to 24 hours

When using 4 Clampspots simultaneously on a 52 Ah EnergyPoint battery Pack the battery will last up to 24 hours.

Battery pack available in large and medium size.

The EnergyPoint battery pack is available in 26 Ah and 52 Ah to suit budget and life requirements.

Battery Powered Clampspot

The Clampspots are equipped with 5W LED’s and are compatible with our own battery pack, the EnergyPoint. The EnergyPoint can run up to 4 Clampspot at the same time. When using 4 Clampspots simultaneously on a 52Ah EnergyPoint, it wil last up to 24 hours.  This can be convenient when you are exhibiting in a venue. The electricity costs in a venue can be expensive, the battery powered Stemspot in combination with the EnergyPoint are able to take these costs away.  As a result, the costs for a one time investment will pay itself back after a couple of uses. 

In addition, the EnergyPoint only weighs around 2-3kg which makes is portable and lightweight. Therefore, you can easily transport and move them during an exhibition. The EnergyPoint is available in 26Ah and 52Ah to suit budget and life requirements. Next to that, the EnergyPoint comes with a handy carry case for protection and recharging.

Battery Powered Stemspots and Festoon Lights also available, both are compatible with the EnergyPoint

Have a look at our Stemspots and Festoon Lights, both can be used for different situations.