We specialise in designing and manufacturing fully weatherproof battery LED wireless uplighters which can be used with no cables. Extremely bright and colourful, our products have wireless control and rechargeable batteries using lightweight but powerful lithium ion technology.

Sleek enough for indoors and robust enough for outdoors, our lighting products can be used to transform small parties up to large corporate functions, weddings, entertainment and have even been used for stage lighting. The combination of battery and wireless control makes them truly portable, enabling extremely fast setup and deployment with no cables, thus creating a safer and more attractive environment.

Bright enough to light up interiors and exteriors of buildings, trees, paths/roadways as well as marquees and exhibition stands; the products have many other uses.

Vibrantly coloured LED output RGBW (Red, Green Blue & White) up to a floodlight with very high 7500 lumens output, making this currently the brightest single head LED floodlight on the market. This is part of our ‘white only’ range for pure illumination including a version with variable white temperature.

Water resistance to IP65.

Wireless solutions W-DMX Control with Master/Slave operation. One unit can be set as master to control many slave units. Also WiFi control from a smartphone/iPhone/iPod Touch/Laptop.

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