CORE WL Brochure Front Cover


European Sales Brochure        CORE Intro Tower of London from CORE on Vimeo.

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CORE Lighting presents the world’s premier line of event lighting products. We specialise in designing and manufacturing fully weatherproof battery powered LED lighting with wireless DMX control, allowing them to be used with no power or data cables. Extremely bright and colorful, our products  feature leading edge design, rugged construction and utilize lightweight but powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery technology. These products are built for professional, day after day usage.
Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, an anniversary party, or any other of life’s important events, you want to make it special and memorable. CORE Lighting has a group of the finest wireless LED lighting fixtures that will make your occasion unforgettable by adding colourful lighting, whilst allowing the setup to be both quick and easy.
Talk to us if you can’t see the product you want. We are unusual in our industry for designing and manufacturing our own products in UK, meaning we control manufacturing locally to deliver a quality product. This also means we have the ability to adapt existing units to customer specific requirements.